Nonprofit Asssociation of Oregon

The Stadum Group is proud to be an associate member of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

About the Stadum Group

The Road to Oregon

Portland skyline with Mt. Hood

After 34 years in Alaska, Mary Schoenheit Stadum, Owner of The Stadum Group, moved with her three horses from Anchorage, Alaska to Junction City, Oregon in the fall of 2007. Mary is excited to begin this new and exciting chapter in her life and is offering a wide range of consulting services for nonprofits in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Our Work in Alaska

From 1998 to 2004, The Stadum Group provided consulting services for rural and small communities in Alaska focusing on community planning and economic development. The following is list of clients, including some links to project documents.

Portland skyline with Mt. Hood

Our Work in Oregon & the Pacific Northwest

In Oregon, Mary spent her first year getting to know the community, developing professional relationships, and volunteering her expertise. The Stadum Group is now open for business, and Mary offers professional services built on her 30 plus years of experience in non-profits, government, education, and business.

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