Nonprofit Asssociation of Oregon

The Stadum Group is proud to be an associate member of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

Resources for Nonprofits

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The following links can connect you with a wide variety of well respected sources for nonprofits. The Stadum Group does not endorse any organization, but through experience and work with other professionals, we know that these sources can provide a wealth of assistance and knowledge. Teleconferences and webinars are offered by many of these organizations, some of them for no charge. In addition, by visiting these websites, you can sign up for newsletters with tips and information on a variety of subjects. Contact Mary Schoenheit Stadum at The Stadum Group for guidance on the use of these resources. A little advice is always free!

Oregon Nonprofit Support & Training:

Oregon Chapters of Nation-Wide Professional Organizations:

Oregon-Based Professional Organizations:

Board of Directors Support:

Development/Fund Raising Assistance:

street signs w/ who, what, when, where

Statistics/Trends on Fund Raising in the Northwest and Nationally:

Nonprofit Higher Education:

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